Death Trash Is The Vulgar Apocalyptic Romp We Need

Yet another indie title has caught my eye recently, so I wanted to take a moment to take a look at Death Trash. The punk rock name does the gore-laden title justice, as it exudes absolutely everything the game is so far.

 From the mind of Stephan Hövelbrinks, Death Trash features impressive original pixel art paired with a soundtrack from James Dean (Also known as WHAT is VALiS). These two are creating a gritty world that feels just as gruesome as it should. The RPG takes place years after the Great Galactic War in a post-apocalyptic setting, filled with struggles for power, as well as basic resources. Players take on the role of their chosen protagonist as they traverse the wasteland of Tauris V, and become directly involved in the situation involving the Evergrowing Heart and the Flesh Hive.

The gameplay is also worth taking a more in-depth look at, as it provides interesting ways for players to interact with the world. First of all, any and every NPC can be killed, which is a neat concept not often found in RPG’s. The website states the game is based around “Empowering the player by building on imagination, freedom and choices.” This bodes well for fans of action RPGs and the autonomy they can provide within their settings.

Real-time combat and dialogue coupled with crafting and psionic abilities have the potential to add a certain dynamic to the game as well, promising even more ways to become immersed in the raunchy story and colorful cast of characters that adorn the game. The experiences and choices players make with also have a tangible effect on their character, making the interactions that occur in the game even more meaningful and in-depth. What’s more is that local co-op will be included, meaning players will be able to shoot their way through wasteland ghouls and bandits alongside their partner’s own customized character.

All of this is incredibly promising and makes Death Trash a must-have on your indie radar. For more on the title visit the game’s official website, follow Stephan on Twitter (@talecrafter), and check out the development blog. While the game still has no official release date, it is still absolutely worth watching out for and showing love to.

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