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I Was Lucky Enough to Forget

Forgetting a game is a phenomenal gift. I was recently given L.A. Noire for PS4- a game I haven’t touched since it's original release in 2011. I played through it with my dad back then and loved every second of Cole Phelps’ escapades as he rose through the ranks of a 1947 LAPD. Even before the game came out I remember being astounded by the technology Rockstar had put into play when creating the title. The facial tracking and animation was (and might still be) the best there had been in a game, especially at the time. The painstaking lengths the development team went through to recreate a post World War Two Los Angeles absolutely paid off, as I truly felt immersed in the world they had brought back to life.

My dad, an LA native, excitedly called out each street as we passed them in our Chrysler New Yorker. The old-era Hollywood feel of the time was captured perfectly, and the gritty world surrounding the drama of the title was excellently crafted. The tale of Phelps’ tumultuous ten…

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